All these links are related to the Divine Name.

In Norway there exists a very beautiful web site about the 'Divine Name'. The site has an English version available. Our advice is to look at the beautiful pictures - which proves that the Divine Name is well known in Norway. We have received from the webmaster permission to show a picture on our page "worldwide".

Follow this link :


A website about the Divine Name which was an inspiration for us, is the Danish web site 'Gudsnavnet'. On this web site are a lot of beautiful pictures, showing the Divine Name all over Denmark. We are glad to show you this link.

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The link below takes you to a Scandinavian Internet site. This beautiful Swedish website presents no less than 214 places (in 2009) where God's name can be found, besides items such as regents, currencies, the Historical Museum in Stockholm and other things. The pictures speak for themselves!!!

Follow this link :


A very beautiful web site for everybody who has an interest in the fascinating field of the Dutch Bible translation, is the website Biblia Neerlandica. On this website you can find also the topic 'Godsnaam' or 'Divine Name'in Dutch Bibles, from the 16th century till today. You really should visit this website!

Follow this link : Biblia Neerlandica



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