Erawan Museum - Samat Prakan (Thailand)

After long preparations, the first stone of the Erawan Museum was laid on 13 July 1994. Of particular note on the building is of course the huge three-headed elephant, Airavata, a figure from the mythology of the Hindus. Because of this, the building is less than 43.6 meters high. The museum consists of three floors of antiquities and priceless collections of ancient religious objects.

Address: Sukhumvit Road, Samut Prakan.






The museum is located in the city of Samat Prakan, also known as Muang Pak Nam. This city is found in the south of Thailand around the area where the Chao Praya river flows into the Gulf of Thailand. The distance from Bangkok is approximately 30 km. There are 460,141 inhabitants (2005). Attractions include Muang Boran, an artfully landscaped outdoor museum, the Crocodile Farm and the Erawan Museum.

God's name: On one of the pillars there are biblical scenes depicted. We see the first couple in paradise. We also see Moses with the two tablets of stone. On the tablet right on the top line left is the Tetragrammaton. On the second line there is a word that is similar to the tetragrammaton, though the first and the third character is the same. Here stands 'Ha Shame "which means" The Name ". This would be a reference to the divine name without actually mentioning him.










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