Erfgoed Vlaanderen Vzw - Horst Castle

Horst Castle (in Holsbeek) is in the middle of beautiful Hageland. The Lords of Horst were already known in the early 13th century. The characteristic donjon (medieval tower where they lived) is from the 15th century. Some important embellishing work was made about 1650, commissioned by the lady of the castle Maria-Anna van den Tympel. The most impressive piecework done on the ceilings, inspired by ‘Metamorphosis’s’ from Ovidius, was a part of this work. Lady Maria-Anna also ordered the construction of the wagon house that is now used as a visitor’s centre including an inheritance shop.



Shown by kind courtesy of 'erfgoed vlaanderen vzw'.


On the ceiling is a tableau made by J. C. Hansche. The tableau is interesting because of its relation to the Divine Name. The tableau depicts King David.


The image shows King David playing the harp for the glory of God. The text around it: 'Musica serva dei' - 'Music is the servant of God'. Within a shining sun is God's Name written in Hebrew...


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