Catholic University of Louvain - 'The Ten Commandments'

The University of Louvain was founded in 1425 by the efforts of John IV, Duke of Brabant and his vassal the Lord of Asse, Johannes t'Serjacobs, Abbot of Affligem Abbey, Chancellor of Brabant. The university was the first one, and for a long time also the only one, in the Netherlands. Originally, the university had one base faculty – the faculty of Arts – and two secondary faculties (Law and Medicine). The faculty of Theology was added in 1432.

The pictures are shown by kind courtesy of the Faculty of Theology of the Catholic University of Louvain and Prof. Dr. Doyle, author of the mentioned book.

A series of lectures about the ‘Ten Commandments’ was organised in 2007. At the same time an exhibition was organised in the Library, with paintings and other artworks of Dora van de Loo – everything inspired by the ‘Ten Commandments’.

The picture below is made by the aforementioned artist and can still be seen in the Library. The lectures and artworks are also put together in a book named 'Ik ben de Heer uw God' (‘I am the Lord, your God’).

The Tetragrammaton is written above.




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