Långholmen (Sweden) - Canonicals

Långholmen is an island in Central Stockholm, between Södermalm and Kungsholmen.

Långholmen was once known for having Sweden’s biggest prison. In 1975, the last prisoner was released and in May 1989, after two years of renovation work, it has been reopened as a hotel, hostel and conference centre. The cells have been transformed into 102 beautiful, comfortable and functional rooms.

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They promise to give you your own key, and that breakfast consists of more than bread and water!


Pictures shown by courtesy of Långholmen.

There were also priests in the former prison. In the museum they display canonicals worn by the priest. A noteable fact is that on its front, in a shining triangle, God's name is written as the Tetragrammaton "JHWH", with the masoretic vowels "e", "o" and "a".




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