Museum Park Orientalis - Beth Judah and scroll

Profetenlaan 2 - 6564 BL Heilig Landstichting

The guidebook from the Museum Park Orientalis says about its history (free translation): “The history of the Museum Park Orientalis dates back to 1911. Inspired by the architecture of Syria and Jordan, the buildings and interiors were designed by Jan Stuyt, Jos Margry and Piet Gerrits. The extensive park, architecture and landscape were carefully put together to bring to mind the atmosphere of the ‘Holy Land’, the world of the Bible.”

The pictures are shown by kind courtesy of Museum Park Orientalis.


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We would like to focus on the Jewish village, Beth Judah. It was built around 1920 and designed by Piet Gerrits.


In the village is a small simple synagogue. Inside there is a scroll on display on which are written texts from the Old Testament of the Bible. These are mainly laws and regulations that the Jews had received from their God, JHWH.


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