Jewish Museum Rashi House - Altar-Cloth

Located at Hinteren Judengasse 6 in Worms is the Rashi House. This Jewish museum stands in the place where it is assumed the former teaching institute once stood. It was here that the eminent Jewish scholar Rashi once studied around 1060AD. The museum has been installed in rooms on the ground floor and in the basement. The Worms municipal archive with its photograph section is located on the upper floors.

The Museum’s exhibits are extensive. It is possible to see the history of the Jewish community in Worms including its destruction, which followed as a consequence of the national socialist tyranny from 1933 onwards. It also provides insight into the religious customs that accompany a person throughout their whole life. Of course, the most important scholar of the Worms teaching house, Rabbi Salomon ben Isaak of Troyes (France), named Raschi, is also honoured.

Pictures shown by kind courtesy of Stadtverwaltung Worms - Stadtarchiv, responsible for the Museum.

The following item is notable as it relates to God's name. Inside this display case is an altar-cloth. On it God's name is written twice in Hebrew.






A closer look at the details from the picture above:



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