Salzburg Museum - Gloriesaal (Room of Glory)


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Salzburg Museum

The Salzburg Museum has its home in the beautiful renovated “Neue Residenz” at the Mozartplatz in Salzburg. The museum describes itself as a museum where valuable art objects are brought together in harmony with aesthetic presentations, interesting content and multimedia applications.

For their impressive concepts the museum received the European Museum Prize of 2009 and the Austrian Museum prize of 2007.


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The “Neue Residenz” (New Residence) was built by Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau (1559-1617), one of the most important archbishops of Salzburg. This building stands on the East side of the Salzburg Cathedral and was in use from the early years of 1600. Its initial designation was as a place of residence for the brothers of the bishop and accommodation for visiting monarchs.

Gloriesaal (Room of Glory)

On the first floor there are magnificent chambers : Bischofssaal, Tugendensaal, Gloriensaal, Ständesaal and Feldherrenzimmer. The Glorysaal, (English translation Room of Glory), was initially a reception area where decorative artwork was used as a symbol to emphasise the spiritual function of the archbishop. The works of art in these areas are attributed to Elia Castello (1572-1602). This artist had been trained in sculpture, mosaic work and piecework. At a young age he became a Court Construction Master in the service of the archbishop. Elia Castello would have completed these works by 1598.

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In middle image on the ceiling angels are seen, placed as aureoles around the Divine Name. the photo below shows more detail.



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