Ghent City Museum (STAM) - Farthings Freemasonry

"The STAM focuses on the impression of the past on the present, on the physical presence of the past in the urban environment. Three concepts are central to this philosophy and action of STAM: Urban - synergy - Ghent" - this is how the STAM website starts explaining their concept.

The museum has a collection of more then 17.000 items!

By kind courtesy and cooperation of STAM Ghent
Adress: Bijlokekaai 7b, Ghent


The following farthings are preserved in the STAM (Stadsmuseum or City Museum) of Ghent. They are part of the "Bijloke" collection. The four items are connected to the "Freemasonry" or "the Lodge". Please notice that every picture shows a triangle with the Divine name written in Hebrew inside.



Farthing inv. V.122 - Jewel of the Lodge, 1834

On this jewel, besides the Hebrew characters are also Masoretic vowels. The pronunciation is "Jehowah".


Farthing inv.V.183
From the Lodge Loge HHH ( Harmonia- Hono- Humanitas) in Le Havre, 1813

Between two pillars, Jachin and Boaz, inside the triangle above an open book, is God’s name.


Farthing inv.V.208
This farthing commemorates the 100 year anniversary of the Lodge of Brussels 'Les Vrais Amis de l’Union et du Progrès Réunis', 1882, A.Fisch.

The Divine name is written in the middle of this commemorative farthing.


Farthing, inv.V.214

Farthing offered by the Lodge of Brussels 'Les Amis Philantropes aan l’Union Royale' and other Dutch Lodges - 22 juni 1861

The Tetragrammaton is found between the two pillars, with the letters J and B, and above the two coats of arms.


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