Palace of Versailles - Royal Chapel

In 1623 in hamlet of Versailles, 20 km south of Paris, a hunting castle in red brick and sandstone was built for King Louis XIII. His son Louis XIV, also known as ‘Louis the Great’ and ‘The Sun King’, expanded the castle to a roofed surface area of 11 hectares. The UNESCO lists this castle as a world heritage.

The Court of Versailles was the centre of power in France’s Ancient Regime. The palace had 226 houses and double the amount of apartments. It is believed that it housed 3,000 to10,000 courtiers.


Many thanks to the Château de Versailles for their written consent to show these pictures.


First a few pictures showing the beauty of the Palace...


The Royal Chapel has an interesting piece in connection to God's name. The chapel is built near the apartment of the king. The construction started in 1689, was interrupted by the war, and then finished in 1710.


God's name can be seen inside the chapel, on top of the altar...


Also on a wall can God's name be seen, written on two stone tablets.


To show the places with God's name...



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