John Dowland

John Dowland (1563 - February 20, 1626 London) was an English composer, singer, and lutist.

Very little is known of Dowland's early life. He was probably born in London, however Dublin is a possibility. John Dowland went to Paris in 1580 where he was in service to the ambassador to the French court. He became a Roman Catholic, which he later claimed led to his not being offered a post at Elizabeth I's Protestant court. Instead Dowland worked for many years at the court of Christian IV of Denmark. He returned to England in 1606 and in early 1612 secured a post as one of James I's lutist. Most of his music is written for his own instrument, the lute.


John Dowland
+-1563 - 1626


A song he wrote in 1612, based on Ainsworth Psalter:

Music piece: Old Hundredth


Shout to Jehovah all the earth,
Serve ye Jehovah with gladness;
Before him come with singing mirth
Know that Jehovah he God is.

Its he that made us, and not we;
his folk and sheep of his feeding.
O with confession enter ye his gates,
his courtyards with praising:

Confess to him, bless ye his name.
Because Jehovah he good is:
his mercy ever is the same
and his faith unto all ages.



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