Antonin Dvorák

Antonin Dvorák is considered to be one of greatest composers from Czech. Antonin was born on September 8, 1841 in Nelahozeves, close to Prague. He received his first violin lessons at age 6. In 1857 he went to Prague to study music. After playing in several kinds of bands he became a professional musician at the National Theatre. Dvorák became acquainted with Brahms and Tschaikovsky and they made sure that he became a composition teacher at the Academy of Prague. Dvorák married Anna Cermáková in 1873. Together they had nine children. Around the same time he was married, he became commonly recognised and appreciated as composer. From 1892 up to 1895 Dvorák interrupted his lectureship to be director at the National Conservatory of New York City. Antonín wrote among other things choir songs, symphonies, piano recitals and operas. He died in Prague on May 1, 1904 at age 62.

Antonin Dvorák
1841 - 1904


Music piece:


God is my shepherd,
I want for nothing.
My rest is in the pleasant meadows
He leadeth me where quiet waters flow.
My fainting soul doth He restore,
And guideth me in the way of peace
To glorify His name.

And though in death’s dark valley
My steps must wander
My spirit shall not fear
For Thou art by me still.
Thy rod and staff are with me,
And they shall comfort me.

I will sing new songs

I will sing new songs of gladness,
I will sing Jehovah’s praises
upon a ten-stringed psaltery.

Every day will I extol Thee
and will bless Thy Holy Name,
I will bless Thy Holy Name.

Great is God and great His mercy.
Who shall tell of all His greatness?
Who shall His pow’r declare?

My song shall be of praise and honor,
And of Thy glorious acts.
Thy works are wonderful,
Past our knowing.

Yea, men shall tell of Thy great kindness
and of Thy wond’rous might,
And my voice shall proclaim aloud Thy glory.



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