Johan Dirk Heersink

On the following sheet music is a noteworthy musical piece written by J. D. Heersink. The piece of music was written for a choir, a cappella and is entitled “Jehovah is his name”. 'A capella' is a musical term for singing without musical instruments, usually in a choir. With regard to the Divine name is it noteworthy that the name Jehovah is used in many places.

Who was J. D. Heersink? We cannot answer this question with certainty. The only J. D. Heersink that we came across during our research was Johan Dirk Heersink, a preacher from the Reformed Church. This would, of course, tie in with the composition of this song. He was born on the 1th July 1874 in Nijmegen, being the son of Hendricus Heersink and Charlotta Johanna Haas. He studied at the theological college at Kampen and made his entrance at Baambrugge on August 6, 1893. Johan Dirk married Johanna Vaders in 1899. They had at least one daughter, Charlotta Johanna born on July 19, 1900. After Baambrugge he became a preacher at Emlichheim (Germany), Oude Pekela en Nieuweroord. He retired on July 30, 1939, after which he settled in Barchem. He died on 14 July 1948 at Barchem.


The other name that we see on the first sheet is Gerard H. Boedijn. Gerard Hendrik Boedijn had a whole music career behind him. We found on Wikipedia: "Boedijn started violin lessons at a very early age, together with lessons in percussion, wind instruments and piano at the municipal music school in Horn. He studied at the Amsterdam Conservatory where he was taught the violin, music theory, composition and choir conducting. From 1914 to 1917, he was a teacher at the music school of Maastricht. Then he went to Horn and worked as a teacher, a freelance composer and a conductor of choirs and orchestras. From 1927 to 1933 he was a director of the music school in Veendam. Then he went back to Horn. He led many choirs and orchestras and, in particular received much fame from his work with the Dutch Copper Orchestra. In 1959, he was knighted by the Queen into the Order of Orange-Nassau. "

Here is the piece of music.




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