Jan Campanus Vodnanský

Jan Campanus Vodnanský was born on December 27, 1572 in Vodnaný, South Bohemia. He is known as a Czech humanist, composer, educator and poet. He studied at the University of Prague and became "Master of Liberal Arts". He became a teacher and gave lessons in Greek, Latin, history and Latin poetry. He was repeatedly appointed as dean, pro-rector, and rector of this university. He died on December 13, 1622 at almost 50 years of age.

He wrote his pieces mostly in Latin. We’re happy to show a song he composed:


Music piece: ODA XLVI


Ut vult Jehovah, sic volo.
Stat nole fluctuare,
Quam vis amara me solo,
Crux tentet edomare.
Jehovah, (certo quod scio,)
Duras vices levabit,
Ductore tali praevio,
Quo me malum gravabit?

Ut vult Jehovah, vult mea,
Mens obsequens ubique,
Nam se probar fellea,
Scit sorte corripique.
Probatur, ut viriliter
Fatis resistat atris,
Absit, recuseret naequiter
Praestare iussa patris.

Ut vult Jehovah, vult meum,
Cor audiens Tonauti,
Cui robur est aheneum,
Quis pugnet estuanti?
Vis nulla vincit Numina.
Quid hic potes fremendo?
Vincenda dura farcina,
Vincenda sed ferendo.

Ut vult Jehovah, sic eat:
Quid vis feram decenter;
Nam quid fremam? quid taedeat
Haec ferre me libenter?
Dies Jehovah scit meos.
Quid me cor inquietas?
Montes per aspros, scrupeos
Jussas adibo metas.



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