Nicolaas Beets

Nicolaas Beets is born in Haarlem on September 13, 1814. He was the son of a pharmacist and studied theology from 1833 till 1839 at the University of Leiden, where he was graduated as a doctor. He became minister at the Dutch-Reformed church in Heemstede. In the same year he married Aleida Van Foreest. In Heemstede he founded the city school that still bears his name. In 1854 he was called to Utrecht and became a professor of church history at the University of Leiden. Using his own name he wrote poems, sermons and literary texts. He also published using an alias: 'Crito', 'a gospel servant' and 'Hildebrand'. He died on March 13, 1903 in Utrecht as a result of a brain haemorrhage.


Nicolaas Beets
1814 - 1903

Beets knew and used the Divine Name. Examples from his 'Dichtwerken'... ('Poems')



Page 137 - 138


Page 144-145


Page 146 - 147



His poems were published in two parts or books. The Divine Name is written in the second part as well.


Page 81


Page 86-87


Page 88-89


Page 90 and a poem on page 91


In a poem starting on page 173 - we show the part with God's Name...



Page 183


Page 188-189


In the poem 'JEREMIA' from page 287 the Name is written three times...


... a little bit further...



Page 315-316


And finally a poem on pages 322-324...


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