Augustin Berthe

The 'A' in his name represents Augustin. As described in the book, Augustin was a 'Father Redemptorist'. The Redemptorists belong to the 'Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer' (Congregatio Sanctissimi Redemptoris), a sect within the Catholic Church, founded in 1732 in Naples. As is mentioned on the cover Father P. Berthe wrote a book about Garcia Moreno. Garcia Moreno was a Catholic politician, who twice became president of Ecuador. In the beginning Garcia Moreno had the intention to become a priest. He studied theology and received minor orders and the tonsure. But he became a journalist and later on a politician. Father Berthe wrote his autobiography, still known today as an valuable reference book.

Father Berthe often used the Divine Name 'Jehova'. For example in the book called 'XIV Jeremias', published in the year he passed away, 1907. To be noticed is that on the front page is written: "with the most praiseworthy approval of the bishops of Arras, Chambery, Clermont and Viviers".

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