Adrianus Bogaers

Adrianus Bogaers was born on January 6, 1795 in 's-Gravenhage. He was the oldest child of Frans Bogaers and Maria Elisabet Guicherit (they had seven children). The family Bogaers who originally came from Brugge were forced to move north when Spain made freedom of religion impossible. As a young boy Adrianus was an exceptional student. At the age of 16 he graduated as a lawyer. Besides his knowledge of the law he also excelled in mathematics. He further graduated as a land surveyor but his career remained in law and in 1838 he became a judge. In 1851 he became vice-president at the court of Rotterdam. At the end he had to resign because of his growing deafness. Adrianus married Maria Elisabeth Gleichman on July 15, 1828 but this marriage lasted only a few months. On March 31, 1829 his wife passed away leaving him and a son and a daughter (his son also died early). The loss of his wife was something from which he never recovered. It broke his health and proposals for a second marriage were consistently declined. He died in Spa at the age of 75 years old.

He was also well known in the world of literature. He wrote poems and used God's Name.


God's Name is used four times in the poem 'Moses'. (see 'Neerlands Letterkunde in de Negentiende Eeuw' - Bloemlezing ten gebruike bij de beoefening onzer letterkunde' - published in 1877 by D.A. Thieme.)




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