Theophiel Coopman

Theophiel Coopman was born in Gent on November 24, 1852. In the year 1873 he moved to Brussels, where he became an official in a contractor firm. Afterwards he was an accountant in a commercial house and office manager at the Ministry of Railways, Post and Telegraph. Together with Victor Dela Montagne he founded the magazine 'Nederlandse Dicht- en Kunsthalle'. Also together with Victor Dela Montagne, another poet who already appears in our list of poets, he published books. Of course, the books he published contained only his writings, as in the example of the book that we show. Theophiel Coopman died at Schaarbeek on June 4, 1915, at age 62. He is still regarded as a very influential personage because of his activities with the Flemish Movement and Flemish Literary history.








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