Servaas Daems

Servaas Dominicus Daems was born in Noorderwijk on June 4, 1838. He was a Norbertian canon of the Abbey of Tongerlo, where he was A theology teacher and also a librarian. His poems are described as sober and concise, but also as pious and funny. He died in Tongerlo on July 30, 1903 at age 65.

He used the Divine Name several times in his book 'Luit en Fluit' (published by De Seyn-Verhougstraete 1884).

The front page:


On the pages 111 - 116 is the poem 'Dimitte illis':


Page 125 - 129, the poem 'Exaudiat':


Page 128


In the poem 'Des Heeren Stemme' (pages 177 - 179):


Actually, the book has two parts. Part two is called 'Gedichten' (poems). Also in this second part the Divine Name is to be found

In the poem 'Daar is een Lied' (page 14 - 15):


In the poem 'Quare fremuerunt' (page 25 - 28)


On page 28:


Finally on the pages 153 till 159, the poem 'Het Lied des Hemels' - it is made clear on every occasion in the poem who is speaking



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