Petrus Augustus De Génestet

Petrus Augustus De Génestet was the best sold poet in the second half of the 19th century. The Poet De Génestet was born on November 21, 1829 in Amsterdam. He studied theology and in 1852 he became a minister in the Remonstrant congregation of Delft. In the same year he married Henriette Bienfait, their marriage was blessed with 2 children. The year 1859 was a disaster for this family. His wife and one of the children died from tuberculosis. Two years later he himself also became victim of this disease - he passed away on July 2, 1861 in Rozendaal, only 31 years of age.

As a poet he is praised because of his touching, musical and often humorous poetry.



De Génestet



He wrote the well known poem 'Het Penningske der Weduwe' (to be found in his 'Complete Gedichten' published by the 'Nederlandsche Bibliotheek) in the year 1846. In this poem the Divine Name is written three times.





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