Heinrich Heine

Christian Johann Heinrich Heine (Düsseldorf, December 13, 1797- Paris -February 17, 1856) was one of most important poets of Germany. It is said that he was "the last romantic poet. He turned everyday language into lyrical poetry and gave the German language a never before known elegance and flair."


Heinrich Heine



Heine studied at the universities of Bonn, Berlin and Göttingen, but he was more interested in literature than in law. Nevertheless he graduated in law. Because of his Jewish origin and his political opinions he was often treated with hostility. For opportune reasons he converted to the Lutheran church in 1825. His critical views caused his books to be forbidden in the political and social climate of Germany in those days. As a reaction to his exile he wrote "Deutschland, ein Wintermärchen" (translated: "Germany, a winter fairy tail") in 1844 .

Today he is one of Germany's most translated and exhibited poets.

In this book "Deutschland, ein Wintermärchen" (digitalized by Google) we can read God's name:







We also found God's name in a second book:



The name of the book:



The poem Belsazar:






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