Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock

Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock was born in Qeudlinburg (Germany) on July 2, 1723. He was the oldest of the seventeen children of parents Gottlieb Heinrich, lawyer, and Anna Maria. After grammar school he continued his education at the famous school of Schulpforta. He soon became competent in Greek and Latin versification. He wrote several deserving idylls and odes in German. Starting in 1745 he studied theology as well but he didn't graduate in it. In 1748 he became a private teacher in Langensalza.

Klopstock became famous with his epic poem 'Der Messias' (The Messiah), which was published in parts. Because of the success of this epic poem, the king of Denmark, Christian V offered him a state pension to complete this marvellous work. In the period between 1751 and 1770 he lived in Copenhagen, making a living only by his pen. After the death of the Danish king he moved to Hamburg and finally completed 'der Messias' in 1773.

In regard to his personal life, it is noted that he married Meta (Margaretha) Moller in 1754 . Meta died four years later during child birth. In 1791 he married his second wife Johanna Elisabeth von Winthem, his first wife's niece. A year later he became to be Citizen of Honour of the French Republic. Friedrich Klopstock died on March 14, 1803 at Hamburg, at age 79. During his funeral he was honoured to be one of the greatest poets of Germany of all times.


Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock




Klopstock was acquainted with the pronunciation of God's name. He used God's name in this book and these poems:

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The poem starting on page 68...





The poem 'for the King', page 138...




The poem starting on page 158...






And the poem which we love to show in its entirety, starting page 164...






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