Joannes Carolus Hubertus Nolet de Brauwere van Steeland

Joannes was born on February 23, 1815 in Rotterdam. He studied French and Latin when he was very young and at only ten years old he was send to Belgium to study further. In Gent and Leuven he studied law and afterwards in 1844 he settled in Brussels.

As a friend of David Van Duyse and other Flemish leaders, he played a very active part in the Flemish Cultural movement: particularly as a member of the 'Brussels Taal- en Letterkundig Genootschap' and as chairman of the 'Taalverbond'. In 1856 he was appointed to be co-founder by Leopold II of the Flemish Academy, in which capacity he worked right to the end of his life. The last years of his life he lived in Vilvoorde where he passed away on June 21, 1888, at the age of 73 years. He started publishing his poems in 1834. Two of his most famous poems are 'Noami' and 'Ambiorix'.

In two of his books we found the Divine Name, the first book is called "Ernst en Boert".





Page 1 sees the start of a poem which is 30 pages long! The poem is called Noami...






Page 8


Page 27


The poem 'Lofzang' starts on page 49



A poem which we show you in its entirety starts on page 56 ........








A second book in which we found the Divine Name, was published in 1859.




The poem 'Begeestering' contains 13 pages. On the second page we see the Divine Name.






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