Herman Johan Aloysius Schaepman

H. J. A. M. Schaepman published a book in 1889 with the self-explanatory title 'New Poems'. Indeed he had published poems before.

Herman Schaepman was born at Tubbingen (in Overijsel) on March 2, 1844, as the son of the mayor. He studied theology and in 1867 he was ordained to the priesthood. In 1869 he became a doctor in theology. In October from the year 1870 he accepted the position of professor at the seminary at Rijsenburg. Meanwhile he also started a political career. In 1880 became the chairman of the catholic fraction, which he was until his death. He died on January 21, 1903 in Rome, at the age of 58.

As previously mentioned he also wrote poetry.









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