Adrianus Cornelis Schenck

Adrianus Cornelis Schenck (the name is also written as 'Schenk') was born in Delft on March 11, 1775 as the son of Johannes Schenck and Hester Spragge. A biography says that he went to 'a common school'. After his school education he worked as a clerk. Nevertheless he continued with his education. In his spare time he learned French, English and German. A proof of this is his masterly translation of Youngs 'Night Thoughts' from English into German. In the year 1812 he became a 'Collector' in Charlois, a place he stayed till his retirement in 1835. Adrianus Schenck died on July 17, 1855 at the age of 80. He was married to Maria Vrijdag (in 1799) and together they had 6 children.

He also wrote beautiful poems. In one of this poems the Divine Name is written.







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