Eulogius Schneider

Eulogius, his given birth name was Johann Georg, Schneider was born on October 20, 1756 in Wipfeld in Main. After his studies in philosophy and law he went, at the age of 21 years old, into a Franciscan monastery. After his training he was ordained as a priest. In 1789 he became a professor of Literature and Fine Arts at the University of Bonn. His most prominent student was probably Ludwig van Beethoven. He was also a vicar, a professor at the seminary and a preacher. He was also the President of some Jacobin clubs. Jacobins were radical revolutionaries during the French Revolution. In time he became more radical and he was also a civilian governor and petitioner at revolutionary tribunals.

In 1793 he married Sara Stamm, the daughter of a wine trader. Only a few hours after his marriage, he was arrested and was brought into Straatsburg with great pomp and splendour, pulled by only six horses and accompanied by guards with drawn sabres. On December 15, 1793 Schneider was exhibited on the scaffold from 10 p.m till 2 a.m. before the people as an example because he brought defamation on the morality of the new Republic. He was brought to Paris, where after spending some time in prison, he was beheaded on April 1, 1794. He was 37 years old.



Eulogius Schneider was also a poet. We found a poem in his own hand in which he uses God's name.

The book is digitalized by Google:



Pages 174-176



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