Joannes Matthias Schrant

Joannes Matthias Schrant was born in Amsterdam on March 24, 1783. After his school studies in the 'Athenaeum' of his home town he visited the seminary of Warmond. In the year 1806 he was ordained as a priest. First he served as a vicar in Amsterdam and during that time he was also co-founder of the magazine: 'Mengelingen voor Roomsch-Katholijken'. In 1811 he became a parish priest in Bovenkarspel. In 1817 he became a professor in Dutch Language and Literature at Gent. In 1832 he was promoted to 'doctor honoris causa' by the Senat of Leiden. . After the Belgian Revolution he became an honourary professor from 1831 till 1844. In 1845 he was appointed as a professor in Leiden, which post he fulfilled until he became Emiritus in 1853. He stayed to live in Leiden and passed away there on April 5, 1866.

The poem in which he uses the Divine Name is written in the book:






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