Jan Jakob Lodewijk Ten Kate

Jan Jakob Lodewijk was born on December 23, 1819 in Gravenhage as the son of Jan Herman and Johanna Henriëtta de Witte. He was a student of schoolmaster J. van Renesse and at a very young age he started to show his love for language and poetry. When he was thirteen years old he started work with the firm Vriesendorp and Gaade; at the same time he took night-school classes from Mr. van Renesse. When he was fourteen years old, he sent a poem that was very well received. Inspired by Bilderdijk and Da Costa he progressed to be a preacher and poet. From 1845 he was a preacher in Marken. In the month of May of the same year he married Johanna Sophia Waldorp, daughter of the famous painter. Then he became a preacher in Almkerk, Middelburg and Amsterdam. As a man he was known to be kind-hearted and friendly. Many distinguished societies made him an honorary member. Several Kings honoured him with medals(?). In his personal life he knew many sorrows. After the death of three daughters and two sons, his wife died on May 20, 1887; only one son was left . Jan Jakob himself died on December 26, 1889, just turned 70.

Jan Jakob Lodewijk Ten Kate



We found the Divine Name in the boek "gedichten" ('Poems')- notice the fine decorated cover...




On page 198 begins the poem "De Harpe Sions" ('The Harp of Sion'). On the first line is the Divine Name written. Two lines beneath is explained that this was the password of the Reformants.



On page 238 begins the poem "De Vogeljacht" ('The bird hunting').





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