Hendricus Tollens Cz.

H. Tollen Cz. - or so his name is written in the book in which we found the Divine Name. His full name is Henricus Franciscus Caroluszoon.

Biographically he was a paint salesman and a poet. Hendrik was born on September 24, 1780 in Rotterdam. His parents came from Gent and - so it is written - were of 'modest' background. He married, against the will of his father, Gerbranda Catherina Rivier in Souburg, where the bride and groom pretended to be born in Amsterdam. He received much commendation for his poetry. He is usually called 'a Dutch poet of the common people', especially since 1830. In 1846, he left his business, settled in Ottoburg at Rijswijk and spent his time writing. He died on October 21, 1856. During his life he joined the Remonstrant brotherhood.There is a statue of him in Rotterdam.

In the year 1856 a book of his poems was published (publisher: G.T.N. Suringar). Actually the book is a collection of three books. In the middle part 'Dichtbloemen, bij de naburen geplukt' - he uses the Divine Name on page 132-134 - in the poem called 'GEBED VOOR ALLEN'. - 'PRAYER FOR ALL'.




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