Isidoor van Cauwenberghs

Franciscus Isidoor van Cauwenberghs was born in Testelt near Diest (Belgium) on June 17, 1825. He was the son of Johannes Baptista van Cauwenberghs, merchant, and Philippina Norberta Van den Wouwer.

The cover of the book below states that Isidoor van Cauwenberghs was an expert in languages and literature. His achievements were much more extensive than that though. He also studied poetry, rhetoric and philosophy. He went into apprenticeship under his uncle who was a civil law notary and afterwards took up a career in law. After working with his uncle he dedicated himself to the study of construction and transport. He oversaw what one called ‘the art work of the new railway’ and achieved a degree in civil engineering. In 1859, he took over a factory together with Joannes Hermans. Doing so he came to be a merchant/business man. When the factory was dissolved in 1862, he became active in other business affairs.

It is nice to know that Isidoor also befriended Hendrik Conscience, one the most famous Flemish writers. Both writers shared their literary insights for years. It was Isidoor van Cauwenberghs who persuaded Hendrik Conscience to move to Schilde during a cholera outbreak in Antwerp in 1849. On a personal note, Isidoor married his cousin, Lady Maria-Ludovica van den Wouwer. They had three children.

Isidoor wrote many poems during his life. The last poem was put on paper three months before his death. Isidoor van Cauwenberghe died on January 31, 1891 aged 65.


Isidoor van Cauwenberghs



We found the use of God’s name in the book 'Keus van Mengeldichten', published in 1891, by printers H. and. L. Kennes.




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