Johanna Maria Van der Schaaff

In the year 1875 a book of poems was published; the book was for private distribution amongst friends and acquaintances and was self-managed by the author. The poems were composed by "the widow Mrs J. M. Kips - Van der Schaaff" - (this is she describes herself in the book). Research reveals that she was descended from a traders family. Genealogy teasches us that she had at least two brothers and one sister. Her oldest brother Jozef Gerard was born in Utrecht in 1798, he was a Canton judge. Her other brother Jacobus was captain-lieutenant at sea, he was born in 1801. Furthermore she had a sister with the name Maria. The birthdates from her brothers reassures us that she must have passed away more than 70 years ago which means her poems now belong to the public domain. In the beautiful poem 'To God' she uses the Divine Name.

The book she has published:



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