Guy Béart - O Jéhovah

Guy Béart, real name Guy Béhar-Hasson, was born on July 16, 1930 in Cairo. He spent his youth in France, Greece, Mexico, Egypt and Lebanon. In Lebanon his love for music increased so much so that he began studying at the "École Nationale de Musique". He learned how to play the violin and mandolin during his training. Moreover he also studied tecnology and graduated as an engineer. He started to write songs and to perfom in his free time. This was in the 1950's.

Béart wrote many songs, more than 300. Songs which are still enthusiastically bought by his fans. His most well known songs are "Bal chez Temporel", "Il n'y a plus d'après", "Poste restante", "Laura", "L'Agent double", "L'Eau Vive", "L'Espérance Folle", "Le Chapeau", "Les Couleurs du Temps" and "À Amsterdam". He received in 1994 a prize for his lifelong work from the French academy.

We wish to quote from his song ‘O Jehovah’.





Artist : Guy Béart
Label : Disques Temporel GB - Distribution CFD
Album : Demain je recommence
Song: O Jéhovah
Release date : 1986



"The above mentioned quotations are presented in support of the fact that even today God’s Name is known and used. "



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