Bill Clinton - "My Life"

William Jefferson Clinton was born on August 19, 1946. After receiving an education in law and being for a professor at the university of Arkansas for a few years, Bill Clinton started his political career. He was Attorney General and Governor of Arkansas. Bill is married to Hillary Rodham-Clinton, the current Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

Bill Clinton is of course, better known for of his presidency. He became the 42th President of the United States in 1993 and remained in office until 2001.


Bill Clinton
President 1993 - 2001

Photo: US Navy
Wikipedia / Public domain (2007)


After his presidency, he wrote a biography about his life. We are pleased to reproduce a quote from this book.




Book: Mijn leven - Bill Clinton
Publisher: Uitgeverij Balans, Amsterdam - 2004
Original title: My Life



What song did Clinton heard that day? We did some research.

Mickey Mangun, the wife of the minister, is famous because of singing songs like "Water grave" written by Steve Chapman; "Promise (Coming down that dusty Road)," written by Randy Phillips; "I Believe I Can Fly" written by R. Kelly and "In the Presence of Jehovah" written by Geron Davis.

We found the song mentioned by Clinton. And we quote from this also below:


In the Presence of Jehovah - Geron Davis
Copyright 1985
Meadowgreen Music Co./Song Channel Music/ASCAP
(admin by EMI Christian Music Pub.)


"The above mentioned quotations are presented in support of the fact that even today God’s Name is known and used."





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