Jean Ferrat - "Nuit et brouillard"

Jean Ferrat was born as Jean Tenenbaum on 26 December 26, 1930 at Vaucresson, France, as the youngest child of four. His father Menachem, a Jewish emigrant from Russia, was deported in 1942 to the concentration camp Auschwitz when Jean was 11 years old. Jean was saved by a resistance fighter. Father Menachem died in Auschwitz. Jean left school after the liberation to help his family to survive financially.

Jean Ferrat became a French singer, musician, composer and song writer. He wrote about 200 songs. His career started at the end of the 1950's. In 1961, he married Christine Sèvres who was also a singer. She incorporated some of his songs into her repertoire.

He died on March 13, 2010 in hospital in Aubenas.




One of his well-known songs is ‘La Montagne’, which has been covered in other languages apart from French.

Ferrat was known for his critical views on social society. For this reason his songs were banished from French broadcastings during the sixties. The song which we are presenting is about concentration camps, undoubtedly a reference to what happened to his father.




Artist : Jean Ferrat
Song : Nuit et brouillard
Release date : 1963

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