Poster of Sarah Bernardt

In Erfstadt - Lechenich, Am Markt 3, is a pleasant restaurant with the melodious name "Ristorante Serenissima". The restaurant is known for its fine Italian cuisine. Also the pizzas are delicious.




What is very remarkable to see is the poster that we are showing (by kind courtesy of the owner). This poster was bought 50 years ago. The title of the poster is "Theatre de la Renaissance. In a circle (outer ring) is written 'Sarah Bernardt'. Sarah Bernardt (1844-1923) was one of the greatest stage actresses of her time. She is still to be considered to be the greatest legend of the French theatre of all times. Not only did she perform in Paris, where a theatre was named after her, but she also performed in London, New York and Amsterdam. In America the world famous writer Mark Twain said: "There are five kinds of actresses: bad actresses, fair actresses, good actresses, great actresses - and then there is Sarah Bernhardt."

In 1897 she acted in the play 'La Samaritaine', she played 'Photine'. The title of this play refers to the Bible, to the Samaritan woman. That is why God's name is written in Hebrew, inside the circle.



We also include a picture of Sarah Bernardt...


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