Unusual boats in Suriname

Suriname is a very beautiful country, one of the northern countries of South-America. This country has a great diversity of fauna and flora. Much of Suriname is still covered with primaeval forest (calc. 90%). This primaeval forest is a part of the rain forest the biggest part of which is in Brazil. Suriname is also a land of rivers and water. Often the only way to get somewhere is by river. To name a few of the most important rivers: the Suriname (480 km) in the middle of which is Lake Brokopondo, the Coppename river (river drainage of 21.700 km²!), the Tapanahoni river (720 km), the Saramacca river (river drainage of 9.400 km² - 255 km length), the Marowijne river (680 km).

A few pictures...

For many people, boats are the only means of transport that they have.
Of course, the boats are used for all purposes!

on the side of the boat is written

"Seek Jehovah"
(while he may be found)...




To show another boat... - "JESI NA JEHOVAH" - "Listen to Jehovah".



These incentives are expressions of faith based on the bible. Seek ye Jehovah while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near. The second text could be Joshua 3:9: "... Come hither, and hear (or listen to) the words of Jehovah your God".



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