The Visscher House

The Visscher family, also known as "the Visscher House", were important manufacturers of atlases and maps in the 17th century.

The founder of the family business was Claes Janszoon Visscher (1587 - 1652). In the beginning the aim was to decorate the maps of Blaeu en Hondius. Then he started with his own printing and manufacturing of maps. The Visscher House became well-known because of the many historical prints, maps and etchings. After his death, his only son Nicolaes 1618-1679) continued his work. In 1677 Nicolaes obtained a 15-year lasting patent on making maps for the state of Holland and the state of West Frisia.

Comitatus Hollandiæ denuo forma Leonis

Also known as Leo Hollandicus (Lion of Holland). The territory on these maps was depicted as a lion. On the top of the image (beneath in the middle) God's name can be seen, also here written with vowels.




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