Copiopteryx jehovah - South-American giant Silkmoth

The 'Copiopteryx jehovah' is a very beautiful silkmoth. Here is a little bit of background information explaining how it received its name.

Herman Strecker was a sculpter who lived in Pennsylvania (VS) from 1836 till 1901. As a teenager he started collecting butterflies. During his lifetime he had a collection of no less than 50,000 specimens. After his death the specimens were purchased by the Field-museum in Chicago (Illinois). Herman Strecker named and described 251 butterflies and moths.

In his book 'Lepidoptera’ he explains that he named the 'copiopteryx jehovah' not after a person who had rewarded him with a money loan or a dinner. No, he named this butterfly with reference to its creator. In this way, so he said, this extremely pretty variety of moth would focus the thoughts of the spectator to God.

Copiopteryx jehovah
to give an idea on the size: the moth is 11 cm long and 15,5 cm wide.


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