Farthings Freemasonry

The common Freemasonry also uses God's name, for example on these farthings.




Farthing 'de St. Michel Or. De Paris ' - Anno 5802


Text:'Dispersit superbos'
('disperse the proud')

Heaven, lightning and a three-headed snake.

The compasses and square represent heaven and earth between which mankind walks.

Text: "de St.. Michel Or. De Paris"

Symbols: the pillars Jachin and Boaz. An acacia or sacred tree representing renewed life. On a trowel is written 5802.




Farthing: 'Loge de St. Jean de la Palestine O de Paris'. - Anno 5806


In a shining triangle is written God's name.

Between the two pillars with the letters J and B, the symbols compasses and square surrounded by leaves. On top a shining triangle with the Tetragrammaton.



Farthing: 'de la Vérite a Lo De Rouen' - Anno 5835


Text: "de la Vérite a Lo De Rouen - 5835"

Image: the two pillars Jachin and Boaz, the square and compasses with on top God's name in a triangle.




Farthing: Loge de la parfaite union a l'orient de Valenciennes


Two women holding hands.

Text : "Loge de la parfaite union a l'orient de Valenciennes."

In the field between the compasses and the square is a shining triangle with the Tetragrammaton.
Text : "Constantia meruere lumen".
'Constancia' is the name of the lodge, 'meruere lumen' means 'merit light'.




Farthing: 100 year existence of the lodge of Brussels - 1882 (A. Fish).


The name of the lodge today is : 'Les Vrais Amis de l’Union et du Progrès Réunis'.


Fête du Centenaire
5782 - 5882

The Divine name is written in Hebrew in the triangle.

Des vrais amis de l'union & du progrès réunis
or de Bruxelles
On the compasses is written the inscription: 'union progrès'
On the pennant: 'vis unita fortior'
In the middle of the field is a locomotive.




Farthing : Eximio Julio de Becker


1889 - 1928
Eximio Julio de Becker

The characters Alpha and Omega are written on an open holy book. God's name, shining, is on top in a triangle.

Text : 'Collegae - Magistro - Amico -
Testimonium - Memoriae -Perennis'



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