Church seal Montfoort

Montfoort is a city in the Dutch province of Utrecht.

The church seal of the Dutch reformed of the Montfoort church is related to the name of the city, in Latin Mons fortis, meaning: strong castle. The same tower can be seen in an old coat of arms of the city. The ecclesiastical municipality is also referring to God's name, by writing the Latin text: Turris Fortis Nomen Jehovae. The text is based on Proverbs 18 verse 10: The name of the LORD [is] a strong tower. This text is confirmed by placing God name, JHWH, above the tower.

The church seal is so old that nobody knows when it started to come into use. However, it is a nice tradition that the Dutch Reformed Church of Montfoort still uses the seal on their letters and envelopes.

We wish to thank the Church Council of Montfoort for sending us the writing paper and envelopes, together with their kind permission.





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