Church seal of Oudewater

The synod Dordrecht (1573) stated that every Dutch Protestant church had to have a church seal. Like every civilian municipality a lot of clerical congregations had their own seal. Having a seal was important: the seal told something about the church, about the history of parish or something about a theme like "Peace". Mostly an image inside the seal was accompanied with a fitting predicate or bible text. In past centuries official documents were often ratified with the print of a seal in wax to confirm the authenticity. In these days church seal are still used as a logo on paper or envelops. And, a modern church with an own website, uses often the seal on the website.

Village Oudewater

On some church seals we can see God's name written as the Tetragrammaton. On the seal we love to show, the seal of the Reformed Church Oudewater in the Netherlands, Gods name is written in the text. There is written "Jehova nostra arx fortissima", meaning 'Jehova is our stronghold'. The seal is used since 1745.



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