The Shrimski Award for Leadership and Community Service

Samuel Edward Shrimski was born in Poznan in 1828. Poznan was in those days part of Prussia which was in the time of the 18th century still a large European power. It is known that Mr. Shrimski moved to London in 1847 where he became a merchant. Later he emigrated to Melbourne, the capital of the Australian state of Victoria, (in 1859). He moved again in 1861, this time as a colonist to New Zealand. He was appointed by the government in Oamaru as a land auctioneer.

Samuel Edward was also involved in politics. He was elected as mayor several times. He was elected and also three times re-elected to the House of Representatives as a member for Oamaru. He was also active in other areas . He held the offices of chairman of the educational board of North Otago and treasurer of the hospital board. His wife laid the first stone of the new hospital. In addition he was vice-president of the Otago branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association. He was appointed as a member of the Legislative Councel for living in 1885. He is most often remembered today for his efforts in the fields of education and human rights. Samuel Edward Shrimski died on June 25, 1902.


Samuel Edward Shrimski

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We have already spoken of Mr. Shrimski on our page’Worldwide’, ‘New Zealand – Oamaru’. He was the founder of the Waitaki Boys High School. In this school God’s name, in Hebrew, is placed on their school crest. The school crest can be seen throughout the buildings.

A picture of the schoolcrest.


Another remarkable fact is that every year four brothers of the family Shrimski give an annual prestigious prize in his name and in name of their father. This prize is a citizenship prize. The recipient is someone who has shown outstanding qualities in Leadership and Community Service.


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Behind two doors, God’s name is written on a radiating sun, placed behind two doors. On the picture part of God’s name in Hebrew is visible.


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