Church seal Oost- and West-Souburg

This church seal dates supposedly from 1797, and belonged to the ecclesiastical municipality Souburg. Which explains the text which is written: Sigillum Ecclesiae Suburganae. Souburg lies in the Dutch province Zealand. East-and West-Souburg became separated from each other in 1870 by the Canal of Walcheren. The two municipalities have since 1966 rejoined inside the municipality Vlissingen.

The maxim: Repos ailleurs, means “rest elsewhere”. It was the heraldic device of Marnix of Saint Aldegonde*, who inhabited a castle in West-Souburg. He was one of the most famous Lords of the village.

Furthermore we see on the seal a ship of the merchant navy, emphasizing Souburg as an important harbour. At the top in an aureole is written CHRS (supposedly Christ) and the characters JHWH forming the Hebrew name of God.

By kind courtesy of the Protestantse Gemeente te Oost-Souburg.




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