Stamp - Belgium


God's name, as the tetragrammaton, can be clearly seen on this Belgian stamp. We have been sent this stamp many times by email. Many thanks to all that took the trouble to do so – and this is why we are showing it.

Is this an “official” stamp? No.

After making enquiries from the Belgian Post Office, we received this response. They said: “These stamps are personal stamps. Although they are valid for use as a stamp and these stamps are made by us (as ‘MySeal’), they are made with an image someone provides us. This is an unfortunate example because their guidelines state that the image should not be political or religious.”

Based on this response it has to be said that the image on the stamp is not chosen by the Post Office. In fact, in Belgium the Post Office will make stamps for anyone with an image of your choice. Of course, these stamps are more expensive than the usual stamps.


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