Tobacco box

Pictures obtained from and shown by kind courtesy of Mr. F.J. Haffmans Kunst- en Antiekhandel.
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The official description of this elegant object is: yellow-copper tobacco box of approx. 1787 (length 152 mm), engraved on top with the portraits of city holder Willem V and princess Wilhelmina of Pruissen, separated by a blossoming orange tree.

On the bottom is written:

'Oranje door Gods kragt geeft eendragt vreede en magt
So lang als son en maan sal aan den heemel schijnen sal
nooit de oranje couleur verwelken of verdwijnen. So lang
Jehova godt gedenkt aan sijn verbondt en sijne boog vertoondt
aan dit benede rondt soo lang er schepsels zijn die haaren maaker
looven soo lang de weerelt staat blijft nog Oranje booven.'

(This is in old Dutch)
'Orange by the power of God gives unity, peace and power
As long as the sun and the moon will shine in heaven
Orange will never lose its colour or will disappear. As long
as Jehova God will remember his union and will show his arc
down below, as long there are creatures who are praising
the creator, as long the world stands Orange will be above.'

The poem alludes to a rainbow with seven rings, which appeared on 18 September 1785 in The Hague. The second and thickest ring was coloured orange. This was considered to be a good omen for the Prince of Orange.


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