Country: Croatia (Republika Hrvatska) is a country in southern Europe. The country, formerly belonging to Yugoslavia, declared its independence in 1991. Its strange shape, which resembles a half moon or a horseshoe, has many bordering countries including extensive borders with: Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Italy on the Adriatic Sea. The Croatian landscape is diverse: grasslands, lakes and hills in the North and North-East, forest mountains (part of the Dinaric Alps), rocky coastline along the Adriatic (Istria and Dalmatia) and almost countless islands in the Adriatic Sea. Croatia is also known for its many national parks. 4.489.409 people live In Croatia, of which 87.8% claim to be Catholic , 4.4% Orthodox (4.4%) and 1.3% Sunni Muslim.


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Visovac (Krka National Park) - Monastery Tetragrammaton




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