Copenhagen - Vor Frelser Kirke

City: Copenhagen (Danish: København) is the capital of Denmark. Copenhagen lies on the East coast of the island of Zealand (Sjælland), and on the island of Amager. Its founding date is commonly referred to as being 1167, the year that Bishop Absalon built his "castle at the port". The historical character of the city is clearly in shown by the many excellent renaissance buildings which were built during the reign of Christian IV. The medieval city and its suburbs form a harmonious whole. The waterfront is not only essential for the prosperity of the town, it also serves as a framework for the city. Copenhagen has 518,574 inhabitants. Greater -Copenhagen (Hovedstadsområdet-Copenhagen, Frederiksberg and 16 other municipalities) number 1.153.615 residents (2008).

Building: 'Vor Frelser' translated is 'Our Saviour'. This church, with its twisted spire, was built between 1680 - 1694. The style is baroque - Palladian-Netherlandic. The altar is made from the design of the Swedish architect Nicodemus Tessin. The design was approved by Christian V, King of Denmark and Sweden. The time-consuming foundation work plus the general problems between Sweden and Denmark in the early 18th century delayed the installation of the altar until 1732.

Object: The Divine name is written on the upper part of the altar. The tetragrammaton (JHWH) is written here together with the Masoretic vowels. When this is read aloud, the pronunciation would be 'JeHoWaH' or 'Jehovah' .


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