New Zealand

Country: New Zealand is a country in the South-West Pacific. Its name was actually given to it by Dutch cartographers. Originally it was called Stateneiland, due to the belief that it was connected with Stateneiland or Isla de los Estados in South America. After it became clear that this was not the case, the Dutch Cartographers named it New Zealand after the Dutch province Zeeland. The original inhabitants, the Maori, call this country 'Aotearoa ' which means' land of the long white cloud ".

New Zealand consists of two large islands, North Island and South Island, and a number of smaller islands. Its nearest neighbour is Australia, about 2000 km to the North-West. The population of New Zealand is 4,213,418 (2009). Approximately 70% of the population is of European origin, mainly from the United Kingdom and Ireland, and also South Africa, the Netherlands and Germany. Of the population 56% claim to be Christian, mainly Anglicans and Catholics. 37% claim to have no religion.

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