Country: Slovenia, officially the Republic of Slovenia, is a country in Central Europe. The bordering countries of Slovenia are Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary.

Long ago the country was part of Austria. A part of the Slovenian area was transferred to Italy in 1866. In 1918, a new state was set up, the ‘State of Slovenes, Croatians and Serbians’, which later became part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. After the occupation it was split up into three parts and then later became a part of Yugoslavia. In 1991, Slovenia became independent.

With a surface area of 20,256 km ² the country is approximately the size of Wales (United Kingdom) or Delaware and Connecticut together (US). In this area there are 2,005,692 people (2009) of which 57.8% profess to be catholic. 10.1% are atheist, 2.4% Muslim and 2.3% belong to the Orthodox Church. A large part of population, 22.8%, did not declare their religious beliefs.


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