Country: For many people Tunisia is known as a superb holiday destination. There are a variety of different landscapes in Tunisia, for example: the coastal areas, the Sahara and the forests in the North. In addition, there are archaeological sites to visit such as Carthage and El Djem.

Tunisia is an Arab country in North Africa, situated on the Mediterranean Sea. The neighbouring countries are Algeria and Libya. Tunisia has a population of 10.486.339 people, most of which are Berbers. The Berbers are the oldest known people lived in North Africa and the Sahara.

The State religion of Tunisia is Islam. 98% of the population belongs to this religion. Of the 2% that remains 1% claim to be Christian and 1% to be Jewish.


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Djerba - Synagogue

Tunis - The Great Synagogue of Tunis (Beit Mordechai Synagogue) Tetragrammaton








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